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We perform for all occasions including weddings, banquets, funerals, church services, and any special occasion.

What WE Do

Piano & Voice Lessons

Science has proven that children who take piano lessons have higher performance in school, a better understanding of STEM disciplines, are more creative thinkers, have increased diligence and responsibility, increased concentration, higher self-esteem, better coordination and are able to adapt in any situation.

Let’s schedule your lesson.

Lessons are scheduled during the school year on Monday through Friday from 3pm – 7pm | Saturdays 9am – 4p; during the summer the schedule is Monday through Friday 10am – 7pm | Saturdays 9am – 4pm.

What does an orientation entail?

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Orientation is used to determine the level of experience of the student.  It is also the time where both the student and teacher set and agree on the expectation of the lessons.

How long are the lessons?

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Lessons are typically 30 or 60 minute sessions.

How long does it take to sing or play piano well?

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To master any skill, including piano and voice, depends on how motivated a student is to practice.  While you may no longer need music or voice lessons, practice is still the key to mastering a skill.


What They Say About Us!

I was recommended to Ron by a dear friend and he has been the biggest blessing. My son is a huge introvert and extremely shy but was eager to learn piano so he agreed to give Ron a chance. Ever since that first practice with Ron he has been coming out of his shell feeling more confident not only in Ron but himself too. Ron is magnificent with him. You can tell the magnitude of his passion for teaching students the art of music when you are in his presence. He is such a caring man coupled with a fun upbeat personality. Ron exudes kindness which I find rare amongst humanity these days. I will never be able to thank Ron enough for bringing out this bold side of my son. You have true God given gifts and people like you are desperately needed in this world. Thank you Ron.

~Stacy Gozzola

I’ve known Ron as a talented musician for several years now. It’s when I hired him to train my daughter in voice and piano that I realized what a gifted teacher he is. I recommend him all the time to friends looking for a music instructor.

~Tonja Waring

Ron Jones was referred to us by the mom of one of my daughter’s teammates some years ago. Ron is a patient and encouraging instructor who helped my son, Elliot who loves the piano, grow in his musical abilities. My son is graduating this year but he will take the musical knowledge that Ron inspired in him when he goes to college.

~Brenda Walker

I am very impressed with Ron’s ability to make ear training to play piano by ear so easy and fun. I loved the first lesson and I know my skills are going to advance fast.
~ Cristie R. Campo
Ron Jones is a great teacher of music, a musical genius, and a real pro business man.  My son Jonathan started working with Ron at church when he was 7 years old learning how to play the piano.  Over the years, he taught him how to read music and how to play different music genres including Jazz, Blues, Gospel, and Classical.  His approach to teaching is always positive and motivating for the student and the parents.
Now my son is almost 18 years old now and will be graduating High School in about 3 weeks and attending University in the Fall to major in Economics.  My son is now an amazing piano player with lots of college music scholarship opportunities, opportunities to play at small churches that need a musician, and opportunities to play at small gigs like weddings, birthday parties, and school events.  Thanks to Ron and my son’s dedication over the years, he can use these opportunities to help fund his college education.
In closing, if you want to begin or expand your musical ability, I recommend Ron to be your teacher and mentor.  It really doesn’t matter what your musical talent is.  I’ve seen him train multiple pianist, vocalist, choirs, direct church services and plays, and setup musical equipment like sound, lights, camera, and internet without issue.
Thanks Ron for all that you do.
~Keith Russ

Our son, Lance, has a passion for music, especially playing the piano. His instructor is Ron Jones, whom Lance has had the pleasure of working with for 3 years now. Lance enjoys piano lessons with Ron and often comments that the time goes by too fast. Ron is an exceptionally talented musician and a phenomenal instructor. He is patient, yet he keeps you moving forward to learn new material, by ear and/or by sight.  He is assertive and precise in his instructions, yet super fun and open to individual creativity. He is well-rounded, instructing on music from different genres, including gospel, classical, jazz and R&B, both new and old school. We give our highest recommendation to any student seeking instructions from Ron.

Proud Parents, Stephen and Patricia Eldridge

Mr Ron has taught my 14 year old daughter for 2 years now. He’s now also instructing my 8 year old nephew as well. I highly recommend him. He finds a way to connect with the kiddos and is very consistent. He has a plethora of approaches to reach the student where they are. He thinks outside of the book and the box. Again, I highly recommend him.

~Erica Kennedy

We started with Ron for my 5 year old to learn piano and I didn’t expect anything more than a few songs from a book each week. I couldn’t have been more wrong! Ron, who is a remarkable musician, teaches how to read music, the fundamentals, and, most impressively, “hearing” the sounds of music.

But what sets this most patient music teacher apart is how he builds my daughter’s confidence. She is an anxious and perfectionist child who does not like to fail. Ron’s constant affirmations give her the courage to play with pride and learn through her mistakes without frustration.

I am forever in debt for the confidence and skills Ron builds in my daughter that she will have for a lifetime.

-Shera Dressman

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