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Music Lessons

Our Music Lessons

Music Lessons

We offer piano and voice lessons. You can come to our LOCATION studio, we come to your home, or we can teach you virtually online.

Music Performance

We offer live piano and vocal performances at your home or event venue or we can perform virtually.

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In your home

We offer lessons in your home. Each session is 30 or 60 minutes.



Piano sessions are geared for the student to become proficient in not only playing with note recognition but ear training as well.


In our studio

For those students who can travel, we offer lessons in our studio. First session is at no charge.



Students learn proper voice technique, breath support, ear training and correct diction.


Music Benefits

Builds language skills… 

Makes them stronger academically… 

It increases their IQ… 

It teaches them discipline… 

It supports muscle development and motor skills… 

It improves social skills… 

It makes kids feel good about themselves… 

It helps kids understand culture…

Studies have shown that playing an instrument improves mental health. People who play the piano in particular tend to experience less anxiety and depression. It can improve self-esteem, make you feel postiive and also lower blood pressure. Playing piano allows the student to develop split concentration also called divided attention which sharpens concentration skills. To play the piano one must use both hands, read music, listen to the notes you’re playing and work the pedals. That is a lot!

Piano is easy to play because it isn’t painful to develop the skill. All the student has to do is sit and practice, there are no calluses to develop. Playing the piano also develops the neuroplasticity of the brain. Piano stimulates the brain in a positive way. While playing you add neural connections in the brain which primes your brain for other forms of communication. While you practice the piano, you are also developing your memory, attention, speech, language, spatial and math skills and the ability to convey emotions. This allows students to have better general and spacial cognitive development than students who do not play the piano. You are also developing fine motor skills and hand eye coordination. Music has also been known to reduce stress, respiratory heart rates and increase the immune response.  We offer a variety of techniques that make playing piano easy and fun. Give us a try. First session is at no charge and we would love the opportunity to teach you. Contact us today!

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